Soap2day is a free online streaming service offering movies, TV shows, and sports events, available to anyone from anywhere in the world. All content is provided as is and in English or with English subtitles. The official domain for Soap2day in 2024 is We recommend bookmarking it to avoid stumbling upon fake Soaptoday sites.

At, you can watch videos in HD quality, which sets us apart from similar services. Available video qualities include HD720p, HD1080p, and HD4k. Viewing is possible on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs.

Soap2day is a team of movie and TV show enthusiasts who add new content to the service daily with a passion for the art. We curate new interesting selections of the best movies and thematic collections, while constantly improving the site's usability and fixing bugs and errors. This is a significant effort done entirely for free. If you find a bug on Soaper TV or have a movie suggestion or functional enhancement request, you can reach out to the Soap2day administration through the feedback form.

Soap2day APP

Soap2day has an official app that is available to everyone completely free of charge. Currently, the app is only developed for Android, and you can download it from the link - Soap 2day 2024 official apk.

Inside the app, you'll find all the functionality fully represented, including Soap2day's sections and subsections. Thus, there is no difference between the official website and the app; use Soap2 day however is most convenient for you!

When installing the app on your Android device, you'll need to allow installation from unknown sources.

Secuirity of Soaptoday

Soap2day is completely safe for you, despite what malicious individuals may write about us online. The website has been verified by the following antivirus programs: Eset, VirusTotal, McAfee, Avast, Norton, F-Secure, and numerous others, just to ensure everyone feels secure while using the fantastic Soap2day website.

However, if you still feel concerned about the possibility of your data being compromised while visiting, we recommend using a VPN when going online. There are many free and excellent paid VPN services available. While we won't endorse any specific VPN service here, if you're interested in our recommendation, feel free to reach out to us through the feedback form, and we'll advise you on the best VPN for accessing Soap2day.

It's also worth mentioning that we don't request any data whatsoever for using Soaper TV. We don't even have a registration process! Not to mention, we don't offer to sign you up for a "free subscription" requiring your credit card details. We have no need for that. You might think, "Wow, these guys from Soap2day seem suspicious," but that's just how we are. We don't want anything from you, not even cookies. There's no reason for us to collect or store your personal information because Soap2day is completely free and created by enthusiasts for movie lovers from all over the world.

Size of the collection

At the moment, on, you will find a vast number of movies, TV shows, reality shows, and recordings of sports broadcasts. We strive to have everything imaginable. It may seem impossible, but we aim for it to satisfy even the most demanding and unique viewers. For example, those looking for old soap operas or childhood series from distant years that are not available on any paid streaming services. This is the strength of Soap 2 day - we create the service for people, for their happiness.

Here are some numbers about Soap2day:

  • Movies from 1902 to 2024, spanning over a century of cinema.
  • TV shows from 1955 to 2024.
  • 38,807 movies available for viewing.
  • 6,154 TV shows.
  • 176,856 episodes of TV shows.
  • Movies from 189 countries.
  • TV shows and movies from 1,032 networks.
  • 166,064 actors featured on Soap2day.
  • Movies from 47,151 directors.
  • 322 genres and collections available.

And these are just some of the figures! Even these numbers alone look very impressive and convincing.

What is Soap2day in 2024

In 2024, Soaptoday is one of the most advanced free streaming platforms with an enormous collection of videos, including the rarest ones, all available for viewing absolutely free without any additional conditions such as registration or providing personal data.

We are continuously evolving and improving our service, so Soap2day has plans to continue expanding its collection, adding movies in the most accessible HD4k quality, and upgrading the quality to HD4K for older movies where applicable. Additionally, ensuring user comfort on the site is important to us, so we constantly enhance the usability of Soap2day, a task handled by our team of programmers and UX experts.

In 2024, Soaper TV is rapidly growing and gaining broader popularity among English-speaking movie and TV show enthusiasts!

Advantages of Soap2day Compared to Other Streaming Services:

The main advantage we offer is the speed of adding new content. We have everything from Hollywood's latest releases to Bollywood blockbusters, available for viewing on Soap2day almost immediately upon release.

We want to highlight TV shows separately. All new TV shows and episodes appear almost instantly in the best HD1080 quality on Soap2day, as soon as they are available on official VOD services.

Another advantage is that Soap2day has all TV shows and movies without division by service. In other words, if Soap2day didn't exist, you would need 3-4 subscriptions, such as Netflix, HBO, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video, to watch exclusive content, but with us, you won't need that. Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, is available on Soap2day.

Other advantages include video loading speed, quality selection, enabling/disabling subtitles, night mode, adding to favorites, choosing from 10+ players, providing the opportunity to watch videos in any circumstance, and many many more.

Stick with Soap 2 day, and you'll enjoy life even more than ever before!